Mauldin Lake County CA History

List of index cards:

S Bar S Ranch
S Bar S Sulphur Mine
S Bar S School
Sa Mar Social Club
Saarni Family
Sabraw Family
Sachs Family
Sacramento Valley, Lake & Mendocino Railroad
Sacramento Valley, Telegraph & Telegraph Co.
Sacre Gap
Sacry Family or Sacre
Saderlund Family
Sage (creeping)
Sager Family
Sagerty Family
Sailor Family
St. Anthony’s Church
St. Garnett Family
St. George Mine
St. Helena Creek
St. Helena Creek Bridge
St. Helena Mountain
St. Helena School
St. Helena Toll Road
St. Helena Toll Road & Bull Trail
St. John Family
St. John Mining District
St. Johns’ Women’s Guild
St. Joseph’s Church - see Catholic Church - Middletown or Lower Lake
St. Joseph’s Alter Society
St. Louis Mine - Quicksilver
St. Margaret’s Womens Guild
St. Mary’s Church - Lakeport (Catholic) also see Catholic Church - Lakeport
St. Mary’s Creek
St. Mary’s Ladies Society
St. Pauls Rectory - S.F.
St. Peter’s Church - Catholic Church - Kelseyville
St. Peter’s Alter Society
St. Turbious Mission
St. Vincent dePaul Society
Salimina Family (Salmini)
Sales Family
Sales Tax
Sallee Family
Salamini Resort (Rice Lake)
Salamini Resort (Salmini)
Salamini Spring
Salmon Creek
Salo Family
Slat Bed
Salt Canyon
Salt Creek
Salt Flat
Salt Glade Creek
Salt Lick at Lower Frank Marble Glade
Salt Lick Canyon
Salt Lick - Rattlesnake Creek Crossing
Salt Plant
Salt Spring
Salt Spring Hill
Salt Spring Valley, Glenn Co.
Salter Family
Salty Ground at Wilbur Springs
Salvador Family
Salvador Vallejo Corrals
Salvation Army
Salvation Army Church - Middletown
Salversen Family or Salverson
Sam Alley Ridge
Sam Hand Opening
Sampell Family
Sampson Family
Samson Family
San Francisco & Clear Lake Railroad
San Francisco & Eureka Railroad
San Francisco & Humboldt Bay R.R.
San Francisco & North Pacific Railroad
San Francisco, Clear Lake & Humboldt Railroad
San Francisco Conservation Baptist Theological Sem.
San Francisco Plumbers & Steam Fitters Union
San Hedrin Resort
San Hedrin School
San Hedrin T.L.P. (Little San Hedrin)
San Pedro Putah Creek)
San Rafael & San Quentin R.R.
Sanborn Family
Sand & Gravel
Sand Creek
Sand Hill
Sandahl Family
Sanders Family
Sanderson’s Stage Line
Sandstone Creek (McLeod Creek)
Sandstone Mine or Mill
Sandy Beach
Sandy Cove
Sandy Cove Cottages
Sandy Estates Co.
Sanford Family
Sanhedrin Mountain (also see San Hedrin)
Sanhedrin Post Office
Santa Fe Railroad
Santa Rosa & Clear Lake Railroads Co.
Santa Rosa Savings & Loan Asso.
Santi Family
Santos Family
Saratoga Springs (Pearson Springs)
Satterfield Family
Sauer Family
Saunders Family
Savage Family
Savier Family
Saviers Lodge
Savings & Loan Asso.
Salvisare Family
Sawmill - Lake County’s Oldest
Sawmill - Flat Sawmill
Sawmill - Francis Ruppert Site
Sawmill Flat C.C.C. Camp
Sawtelle Family
Sawtell Valley
Sawyer Family
Sawyer Tanning Company
Say Family
Saylor Family
Sayre Family
Saywood Family

Scales Family
Scalla Family
Scammon Family or Scamman
Scanlon Family
Scarf Family
Schaffer Chromite Prospects
Schaffer Family
Schalchi Family
Schamber Family
Schanden Family
Schartzer Family
Schath Enterprises Inc.
Schaub Family
Scheir Family
Scheibel Family
Schellens Family
Schellinger Family
Scheuer Family
Schiller Family
Schindler Creek
Schindler Family or Schindler
Schloss Family
Schmeder Family
Schmeideke Family
Schmidt Family
Schneideer Family
Schnabl Creek
Schnabl Family
Schnell Family
Schockley Family
Schoenberger Family
Schollar Family
Schollar Winery
School Essays
School House Canyon
School House Flat
School Teacher Hill
Schoonover Family
Schossler Family
Schreiber Family
Schrum Family
Schuchman Family
Schuberth Family
Schuder Family
Schuenberger Family
Schuerman Family
Schuette Family
Schuler Family
Schulmeyer Family
Schultz Family
Schultess Family (Schulthess)
Schulyer Family
Schuman Family
Schumaker Family
Schuyler Family
Schwanke Family
Schwartz Family
Schweigart Family
Schobe Family
Scott Family
Scott, James R. Realtor
Scott Dam
Scott Glade
Scott Hill
Scotts Creek
Scotts Creek - North Fork
Scotts Creek - South Fork
Scotts Creek Carbonated Spring
Scotts Creek Dam
Scotts Creek Flood Control Project
Scotts Creek Reservior
Scotts Mountain (T 14 N R 10 W)
Scotts Mountain (T 13 N R 11 W)
Scotts Valley
Scotts Valley Brewery
Scotts Valley Cemetery
Scotts Valley Club House
Scotts Valley Creamery
Scotts Valley Drainage District
Scotts Valley Dry Yard
Scotts Valley Farm Center
Scotts Valley Fruit Center
Scotts Valley Grange No. 725
Scotts Valley Ice House
Scotts Valley Independent
Scotts Valley Literary Club
Scotts Valley Nursery
Scotts Valley Rancheria
Scotts Valley Ridge
Scotts Valley School
Scotts Valley Social & Improvement Club
Scotts Valley Store
Scotts Valley-Upper Lake Conservation District
Scouring Rush
Scranton Family
Scudamore Canyon
Scudamore Family
Scudamore, Reynolds & Co.


Seabring Family
Searcy Family
Sears Family
Seat Family
Seawell Family
Sebec Family
Second Street Wharf
Sedgley Family
Seely Family
Seigler Canyon
Seigler Canyon Creek
Seigler Creek
Seigler Creek Reservoir
Seigler Family
Seilger Gulch
Seigler Mountain
Seigler Post Office
Seigler School on Loch Lomond
Seigler Springs
Seigler Springs #1
Seigler Springs Company
Seigler Springs Post Office
Seigler Springs Rock Quarry
Seigler Springs Wagon Rd.
Seilger Valley
Seigler Valley Rock Quarry
Seilly Family
Seith Family
Self Family
Seligman Family
Sellars Family
Sellers Family
Seman Family
Semier Family
Sempell Family
Senior Citizen
Senseny Family
Seregow Family
Serilner Family
Settles Family
Serpentine Rock Glade
Serrasetta Family
Setzer Forest Products - Misc.
Seventh Day Adventist Chruch - Lakeport
Seventh Day Adventist Church - Middletown
Seventh Day Adventist Church Organizations
Seventh Day Adventist Church (old Westlake School)
Severio Family
Seveson Family
Sevigert Family
Sewell Family
Seybold Family

Shadduck Family
Shady Beach Marine
Shady Grove
Shady Haven Trailer Park
Shaffer Family
Shag (bird)
Shag Island
Shag Rock
Shake Camp Ridge
Shake Canyon
Shake & Post
Shakespeare Family
Shamberger Family
Shamrock Prospect (Quicksilver)
Shannon Family
Sharp Family
Sharpless Family
Shattuck Family
Shartzer Family
Shaul Family
Shaul Flat
Shaul Lake
Shaul Ranch
Shaul Sawmill
Shaver Family
Shaw Family
Shearer Family
Shearer Printing
Sheep Roast Peak
Sheep Roast Ridge
Sheet Iron Lookout Station
Sheet Iron Springs
Shelden Family
Shelden Peak
Shelden Prospects at head of Binckley Creek
Shelden Ranch
Sheldon Creek Camp Site
Sheldon Family
Sheldon’s Sign Shop
Shely Cliffs
Shelton Family
Shepard Family
Sheperd Family
Sherfig Family
Sheridan Family
Sherphuis Family
Sherington Family
Sherman Family
Sherwood Family
Sherwood (Bud) Mills
Shields Family
Shimer, Dad & Others
Shin Family or Shinn or Schinn
Shin Skin Ridge
Shingle Mill
Shipley Family
Shpp Family
Shirland Family
Shirley Family
Shirley Slough
Shoberg Family
Shoemaker Family
Shomate Family
Shook Family
Shooter Family
Shooter Ridge
Shooter Ridge
Shooting Star
Shore Family
Shoreline Village
Short Family
Shortridge Family
Shotec, Inc.
Showalter Family
Shower of Candy
Shreve Family
Shuler Family
Shulthess Family
Shuman Family

Sibley Family
Sickness - Epidemics Among Whites
Sides Family
Sidley Family
Siegle Family
Siemer Family
Sightson Family
Sigler Family
Signal Oil A.S.
Sikes Family
Sikorowski Family
Silage Family
Silberstine Family
Sill Family
Silva Family
Silver Coronet Band
Silver Dollar Market
Silver Dollar Plaza
Silver Grey Camp
Silver Grey Glade
Silver Grill
Silver Mine
Silver Mine Creek
Silver Mine Spring
Silver Tips (Senior Citizens)
Silverado Guest Ranch
Simi Family or Simmie
Simkins Family
Simmic Family or Simmie
Simonic Family
Simmons Family
Simms Family
Simon Family
Simonic Family
Simons Family or Simonds
Simoons Family or Simmons
Simpson Family
Sims Camp
Sinclair Family
Singleton Family
Sink Family
Sinn Family
Siringer Family
Sisk Family
Siskin Family
Sistac Family
Sitton Family


Skagg Family
Skegg Island
Skeleton Creek
Skeleton Family
Skeleton Glade Creek
Skelton Family
Skelly Family
Skinner Family
Skun Family
Skunk Family
Sky High
Sky Rock
Skylark Motel - Lakeport

Slab Rock at Boggs Lake
Slab Rock at head of Sweetwater Creek
Slack Family
Slagle Family
Slankard Family
Slater Family
Slater Island
Slattery Family
Slaughterback Family or variations (Slotterbek)
Slaughterback Place Bear Trap
Sleckter Family
Sled Ridge
Sleeper Family
Sleeper Island
Sleeper Peak
Sleeing Grounds
Slegman Family
Sleepy Family
Slides, the
Slingerland Family
Sloan Family
Slocum Family
Slotter Family
Slotterbeck Family or Slotterbek
Slotzenwall Family
Slrafan Family
Sly Family


Smaker Family
Smaker Property - Chromite Claim
Smakes Family
Small Boat Racing Assn. of Northern CA
Small Family
Small Ridge
Smart Family
Smith Canyon
Smith Family
Smith, E.A. Ranch or Smith Ranch
Smith, J. Broom
Smith, J. Broom Family
Smith, Jim Family
Smith, Robert Family
Smith, R.T.W.
Smith, S.J.
Smith Grove
Smith Sawmill
Smoke Shop - Lakeport
Smokehouse Creek
Smokehouse Ridge
Smythe Claim - Chromite
Smythe Claim - Manganese
Smythe Family

Sneed Family
Snell Family
Snelly Peak
Snider Family
Snipes Family
Snow Berry
Snow Mountain
Snow Mountain Area
Snow Mountain Creek
Snow Mountain East
Snow Mountain House T.L.P.
Snow Mountain Mining District
Snow Mountain Water & Power Co.
Snow Mountain West
Snow Mountain Wilderness Area
Snow Peak
Snows Lake
Snows Mountain
Snows Sawmill
Snows Stable
Snyder Family

Soap Creek
Soap Creek Springs
Soap Plant
Soap Ridge
Soap Root
Sobel Family
Social Life
Socrates Mine
Soda Bay
Soda Bay Hotel Site
Soda Bay Islands
Soda Bay Springs
Soda Bay
Soda Bay Terraces
Soda Canyon
Soda Creek (T 11 N R 6 W)
Soda Creek (T 18 N R 10 W)
Soda Creek Gold Prospect
Soda Spring
Soda Springs Canyon
Sodas (the)
Sohat Family
Sohlet Family
Soil Conservation District
Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineers, Inc.
Soil Survey & Data
Solvin Family
Somers Family
Somps Family
Sonoma & Lake County Railroad Co.
Sonoma District
Sonoma Mission
Sonoma Post Office
Sonoma Valley & Clear Lake Stage Co.
Soper Family
Sorptimist Club
Sour Hole Spring
South Fork of Bartlett Springs
South Fork of Copsey Creek
South Fork of Dry Creek
South Fork of Fox Creek
South Fork of Long Valley Creek
South Fork of Putah Creek
South Fork of Scotts Creek
South Fork of Scotts Creek Dam
South Fork of Skeleton Glade Creek
South Fork of Smokehouse Creek
South Fork of White Ranch Creek
South Fork of Wild Bill Creek
South Fork of Wilson Glade Canyon
South Peak
South Shore Seniors
Southard, Judge & Family
Southern Pacific Railroad
Southwick Family
Southworth Family
Sowell Family


Spa Family or Spaan
Spaniards of Lake County
Spaniard of Spanish Creek
Spanish Barn
Spanish Creek
Spanish Creek - West Fork
Spanish Ranch
Spanish Ridge
Spargo Family
Sparks Family
Sparrow Family
Spaulding Family
Spears Family or Spear
Spechi & Hatfield Sawmill
Spechit Family or Speck
Special Classes School
Speck & Akers Sawmill
Speckert Lumber Co.
Spedding Family
Speer Family
Spellman Family
Spencer Family
Spencer Lake (Eachus Lake)
Spener Family
Sperling Family
Spice Bush
Spielman Family
Spiers Chromite Mine
Spiers, John home
Spiers Springs (Red Wing or Copsey)
Spiers Stage Line
Spignet Creek
Spikenard Creek (Spignet Creek)
Spillars Family or Spillar
Spirlock Family
Split Rock
Spooner Family
Sportsman Family
Sprague Family
Sprague Flat
Spratt Family
Spring at Indian Site above Zeno Jones
Spring Branch Creek
Sping Canyon
Spring Hill Farm Resort
Spring Hill Mine - Magnanese
Spring in Clear Lake (out of Horseshoe Bend)
Spring in Paradise Valley - near Olive Tree
Spring at Upper Bohn Lake
Spring Valley Dam
Spring Valley Lakes
Spring Valley Water Company
Spring Valley Water Company Winery
Springe Family
Springe Ponds
Springe Property
Springer Family
Springer Flat
Springston Family
Sprowles Family
Spruce Canyon
Spruce Grove
Spruce Grove Road
Spruce Grove School
Spruce Ridge
Spruceroot Springs
Spuling Family
Spurr Family
Spurlock Family

Squaw Bush
Squaw Creek (Sulphur Creek)
Squaw Creek Camp Ground
Squaw Creek Toll Road Company
Squaw Rock Highland Springs Toll Rd.
Squaw Valley (Big Squaw Valley)
Squaw Valley Creek
Squires Family
Squyer Family

Staab Family
Stage Butte
Stage Canyon
Stage Line from Napa - Pope Valley to Lake County
Stage Robberies or Robberies
Stage Rock Ridge
Stage Station at Glen Alpine
Stage Station at Rupperts
Stage Station at Shady Grove
Stage Station at Twin Bridges
Stage Station near Colusa Line
Stage Station N. of St. Mary’s Creek
Stage Station N. of Mirabel Mine
STAGE STATIONS - see Toll Houses, Toll Gates & Stage Stations
Staheli Family
Staheli Winery
Stable Family
Stainback Family
Staley Family
Standard Oil Co.
Standard Quicksilver Co.
Standard Station - Clearlake Highlands
Stanford Family
Standiford Family
Standiford Ridge
Stanislaus Family
Stanley Family
Stanley Landing
Stanley Point
Stanton Creek
Stanton Family
Stanton Glades
Stanton Post Office
Stanton Valley
Star Family
Starin Family
Stark Family
Starkey Family
Starr Family
State Lands Division or Commission
State Legislature
Statues of California
Steam - Geothermal
Steckel Family
Stedman Family
Stedwell Family
Steel Bridge at Kelseyville
Steel Bridge (Middle Creek near Scotts)
Steel Bridge Scotts Creek near Upper Lake
Steele Family
Steering Committee of OEDP
Steigner Family
Steiner Family
Steinhart Lake (Stienhart)
Steigler Family
Stemple Canyon
Stemple Canyon Sulphur Springs
Stemple Flats
Stephens Family
Stephenson Family
Stephons Family
Sterling Family or Stirling
Sterner Family
Stetson Family
Stetson Ranch
Stetson TLP
Steuenberg Family
Steven Powers
Stevens Family
Stevens Lumber Co.
Stevenson Family
Stewart Family
Steyner Family or Steiner
Steyner Valley
Stice Family
Stickell Family
Stickles Family
Stienhart Family
Stienhart Lakes (Steinhart)
Stiles Family
Stiles Lake
Stillwagon Family
Stillwell Family
Stimpson Family
Stinson Family
Stipp Family
Stith Family
Stites Family or Stites
Stitser Family
Stiver Family
Stoche Family
Stockford Family
Stoddard Family
Stoddard Flour Mill
Stoddard Sawmill
Stohler Family
Stokes Family
Stolzenwald Family
Stoleson Family
Stone & Kelsey
Stone & Kelsey Besieged by Indans
Stone & Kelsey Cattle
Stone & Kelsey Corrals
Stone & Kelsey Grave
Stone & Kelsey House
Stone & Kelsey Narrative
Stone Cellar Bar
Stone Family
Stone, Dr. Building
Stone, Dr. Leonard
Stone Glade
Stone House
Stone Opening
Stone Opening Creek
Stonebraker Family
Stonebraker Flats (Mahnke Ranch)
Stoneman Family
Stoneson Family
Stoneson Point
Stoney Point (Rocky Point)
Stony Creek (Colusa County)
Stony Creek - North Fork
Stony Creek Forest Reserve
Stony Creek Mining District
Stony Creek National Forest
Stony Point (or Tuckertown)
Stony Top
Storey Family
Stories - Henry Mauldin Originals
Storm Creek
Storm Family
Storm Flat
Storm Flat or Glade
Storm Prospect
Story Family
Storz Family
Stottlemeyer Family
Stomeister Family
Stout Family
Stove Camp Ground
Stover Family
Stozenwald Family
Strader & Clark at Guenoc
Stradder Family or Strader
Straford Family
Strain Family
Strain Family
Strange Family
Strategic Minerals Co.
Stratford Family
Straub Family
Streckler Family
Strawon Family
Stray Pen
Streckler Family (Strickler)
Street Family
Streeter Family
Streeter Ridge
Streiff Family
Strickler Family
Strodder Family
Strode Family
Strong Family
Strothoff Family
Stroup Family
Storz Family
Stuart Family
Stubbs Family
Stubbs Company
Stubbs Family
Stubbs Island Cave
Stubbs Point
Stubbs Post Office
Stubbs Real Estate
Stubbs Subdivision
Stuparich Family
Sturdivant Family
Stuparich Resort or Stuperich
Styles Family


Suber Family
Subezyg Family
Sudan Grass
Sugar Creek
Sugar Loaf
Sugar Loaf
Sugar Loaf
Sugar Loaf
Sugar Loaf Rock
Sugar Pine Point
Sugen Family
Sults Family
Sullivan Family
Sullivan Flat
Sullivan Flat or Canyon
Sullivan Flat Dam
Sullivan Flat Springs
Sullivan Gas Seepage
Sullivan Sawmill
Sullivan Springs
Suln Family
Sulphur Bank Church( St. Anthony’s)
Sulphur Bank Association
Sulphur Bank Canyon
Sulphur Bank Canyon
Sulphur Bank Geothermal Power Co.
Sulphur Bank Island (Rattlesnake Island)
Sulphur Bank Landing
Sulphur Bank Mine
Sulphur Bank Mine & Mining Co.
Sulphur Bank Penisula
Sulphur Bank Point
Sulphur Bank Quicksilver Mine
Sulphur Bank Ridge
Sulphur Bank School
Sulphur Bank Springs
Sulphur Banks
Sulphur Banks Indian School
Sulphur Creek
Sulphur Creek District
Sulphur Creek Mineral Spring
Sulphur Hill
Sulphur Mines
Sulphur Spring
Sulphur Spring
Sulphur Spring
Sulphur Spring Canyon
Sulphur Spring School
Sulphur Spring Valley
Sulphur Valley
Sulmer Family
Summer Family
Summer Home Track
Summer Magnanese Mine
Summerill Family
Summerland Family
Summerville Family
Sumner Family
Summerset Hall or Sumerset - in Lakeport
Summit (west of Blue Lakes on Highway)
Summit Lake
Summit Rock
Summit Springs
Summit Valley (Upper Nye Camp)
Sumner Ridge
Sundland Family
Sunny Side Silveer & Quicksilver Ledge
Sunrise Estates
Sunrise Vista
Sunset Gat
Sunset Gap C.C.C. Camp
Sunset Lodge
Sunset School House
Sunset Telephone Company
Superintendent of School Ledgers
Supt of Schools
Surber Family
Surryhne Family
Surchart Family
Surveyor Notes
Sutliff Family
Sutherland Family
Sutro Family
Sutro Spring
Sutton Family
Svenson Family


Swaney Family
Swanger Family
Swank Family
Sawnson Family
Swartz Family
Swartz Fish Pond
Swartz Ice House
Swartz Mine
Swartz Sawmill
Swayze Family
Sweany Family or Sweaney
Swearinger Family
Swede Canyon
Sweeney Family
Sweet Briar Spring
Sweet Family
Sweet Hollow
Sweet Hollow Summit
Sweet Holloway
Sweet Spring Mountain or Peak
Sweet Springs Road
Sweetser Family
Sweetwater Creek
Sweetwater Ranch
Sweetwater Valley
Sweetwater Valley Indian Trail
Swenson Family
Swetman Family
Swift Family
Swint Family
Swithenback Family

Sylar Family
Sylar Blacksmith Shop - Kelseyville
Syvers Family
Szrama Family

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